_This picture is such a good visual representation of what I am constantly saying to clients! "You have to train your brain, just as much as your body!" This goes for everything, from negative self talk, habitual and emotional eating, not going to the gym, and pushing past the level of being uncomfortable once you ARE in the gym. Your body has a natural instinct that is to keep its self safe, protected, and cozy, but that certainly isn't going to get you the body you want! You have to train your brain just like you train a puppy, or children, by being consistent, following through with what you say, and being patient and loving. (This is very hard to do initially, and especially on your own, which is why a qualified and experienced training partner, or personal trainer is so important) Too many people beat themselves up daily with negative self talk, which only leads to more self defeating behaviors. If they learn, through habitually conditioning their brains, to take that energy and channel it towards their muscles during a workout, they would walk away with a stronger body AND mind. Weight training is an exceptional way to push your body past where it naturally wants to be, and this is why there is such a ripple effect for people once they start a program. Their brains become stronger, more disciplined, their confidence rises, and that combination makes them feel UNSTOPPABLE in every aspect of life! Start lifting today.